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Pinto Fic Rec


So here you go, the long overdue Pinto fic rec list. I like to think I have a pretty good a mix of everything here. In alphabetical order, tTwenty more fics under the cut. As always, I’ll add more as I remember them/find them. 

  1. $20,000 by SuedeScriptureIf only they had a free evening to figure this out before Zach goes to New York and Chris is off to be Prince Charming.
  2. A Passage That Sings by Rave — Footsteps beside him; the creak of bedsprings as Chris sits down by his head. Zach could bite his ass, if he could move. He wouldn’t, but he could. It would be tempting. “Front all you want: ‘Cathedral’ still skull-fucks you with its awesomeness,” says Chris, shoving the water up to his face. “Every time. Open your mouth.”
  3. A Place For Me In Your Heart by babykid528Zach’s in NYC and Chris is in LA. Chris isn’t coping very well.
  4. Baby by labeledbonesZach and Chris and the morning DOMA/Prop 8 died. Set in my happy alternate universe where Zach isn’t in New York and he and Chris have just been quietly in love since the dawn of time.
  5. Better Way For Me to Say by rogue_pixie88Chris is far from a coward, but when it comes to talking to Zach about certain things he feels, naturally he’s a little apprehensive. It’s so much easier to talk with everybody else—until Zach finds out on his own, that is.
  6. Blind Dating by SuedeScripture -- Chris makes a new friend and gains a different perspective.
  7. Blind Items by leupagus — Chris finds out that Zach’s a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets.
  8. Blue Clear Sky by rainbowstrlghtLook, Zach has rules. Especially about dating in this city of actors, and keeping an eye out for that handsome blue-eyed stranger that could (questionably) be stalking him. But what’s a guy to do when life certainly doesn’t give a damn, and turns the rules upside down? Cue casting shenanigans, drama, and - heaven forbid - growing feelings. Oh my.
  9. Captain Spanky Series by MedeaficNC-17 overall. Chris starts experimenting with his sexuality; Zach helps (despite some reluctance at times).General Warnings: D/s, sadomasochism, mild physical violence. Also see individual fics for further warnings. If you enjoy this, there’s a sequel series, Supernova.
  10. Dr. and Mrs. Princess Whitelaw by leupagusscreamlet — Inspired by screamlet’s excellent First Date, after which leupagus hypothesized that Chris Pine was thisclose to giving it all up and going back to Berkeley to teach English literary theory. Screamlet, bless her heart, didn’t call the police.
  11. Freckles by eff_reality—Chris has always been a little self-conscious about his freckles. But Zach likes them.
  12. Glory Stories by MedeaficChris has developed an obsession with glory holes. Zach is sure he’s just confused.
  13. Haven’t Finished Yet by BewareTheIdes15 — The thought makes Chris’ skin feel tight against his bones, the jarring surreality of the fact that he just B&E’d a Four Seasons with blood under his nails and a hitter for the competition chained to his wrist. A hitter he happens to be married to.
  14. Herein a Great Enigma by jouissantChris flies east to cheer Zach up after a breakup, and things get a little weird.
  15. if you are the desert, i’ll be the sea by littleboycalico — Zach takes a few days off and disappears, Chris investigates

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